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About Us

Calm Clarity's mission is to improve collective well-being, develop inclusive leaders, and co-create a world where all human beings and communities thrive together.   

Calm Clarity was conceived in 2013 to realize a vision of a society free of violence, exploitation, marginalization, and disparities—a society where everyone can experience alignment and wholeness, realize their full potential, and become the highest expression of who they are.

To make this vision a reality, we combine neuroscience, mindfulness, and leadership development to guide people and organizations to strengthen the neural networks that integrate the brain, which we refer to as “Brain 3.0.” This enables people to naturally experience a higher state of brain functioning in which they can be open, attuned, responsive, resourceful, resilient, curious, insightful, creative, innovative, collaborative, inclusive, and inspiring.

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Join our community on Mighty Networks to be part of a greater movement to develop and steward a "collective Brain 3.0" and co-create a world where all human beings and communities can thrive together.